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July 17, 2017

Simple Foods That May Save Your Life

With all of the contradictory research about the benefits of food, it can be difficult forming a diet of what you should or should not consume. That is why it is best to take the simple approach, and live on the basic foods that have kept us healthy over the ages. Many of the healthiest foods are easy to obtain, and it does not require a vast knowledge of exotic vegetables to produce a healthy meal.


One of the most controversial, and yet common, foods consumed by us is the chicken egg. For years now, people have been telling us it is best to remove the yoke and only consume the egg white. This is because the yolk is high in cholesterol, and it was believed to be unhealthy. However, recent studies have proven that the yoke is the healthiest part of the egg. This goes to show the inconsistency of food research. Whole eggs have been a staple of many human diets, and it turns out that it should be, and not just the egg white.

Though the egg white contains a lot of protein, the yoke is loaded with other beneficial nutrients. The yoke is high in cholesterol, but that does not actually affect the cholesterol levels of your blood. That may seem strange, but egg yokes are now known to have zero impact on your actual cholesterol levels. What your body does receive is a rich supply of Vitamin A, multiple B vitamins, iron and a load of antioxidants, among other things. The yoke is actually far healthier than the egg white.


Fish in general is great provider of nutrients and healthy oils. However, some fish are better than others. If weight is your concern, than it is recommended that you eat plenty of light fish, such as salmon. Fish oil is one of the healthiest things that you can consume. It is directly linked to weight loss, and can be purchased as a supplement, reducing the need to consume large amounts of whole fish. If you enjoy the taste of fish, than go ahead and cook up a wild salmon. Wild salmon provide an impressive amount of protein, as well as omega-3. Omega-3 is a fatty acid. Even though omega-3 is technically a fat, it actually helps to reduce your blood fat levels, which reduces your risk of heart disease. This super fatty acid has also been known to reduce depression and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

A good starting place for information on a healthy food diet is the NHS If you are considering vitamin injections here's a highly recommended clinic in London which could be used in conjuction with a weight loss plan. Another useful from of help is using a counsellor to help with compulsive habits such as over-eating. Such a service my be used here. The BBC also has well thought out diets tips for losing weight